Bio-Chlor tackles the dry period

Bio-Chlor is a very palatable dry period feed which increases intake. Feed consumption by the cow after calving is higher and faster, so the negative energy balance is shorter and less pronounced.

  • Higher DM intake
    13-16 kg/DM

  • Less milk fever
    80% reduction with Bio-Chlor.
  • Cleansing
    Fewer placental disorders and reduction in uterine infections.
  • Higher fertility
    Fast, active oestrus due to minimum negative energy balance.
  • More fat and protein
    Higher and more efficient milk production due to increased DM intake and a more effective rumen.
  • Superb colostrum quality
  • Higher DM intake after calving
  • Cows produce higher yields with less effort

Bio Chlor droogstand koe

Green: without Bio-Chlor. Blue: with Bio-Chlor.


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