TheTransitionCompany specializes in everything related to the transition of cows. From the beginning of the dry period until the first 60 days after calving.

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Healthy, high-yielding cows must be able to have a high feed intake. Certainly at the beginning of the lactation, the energy requirement is ernormous. That is why feed intake is crucial immediately after calving. The rumen must already be at it best at the time of calving.

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Tackles the dry period

Bio-Chlor is a very palatable dry period feed which increases intake. Feed consumption by the cow after calving is higher and faster, so the negative energy balance is shorter and less pronounced.

Higher DM intake

  • 13 -16 kg/DM

Less milk fever

  • 80% reduction


  • Fewer placental disorders and reduction in uterine infections

Higher fertility

  • Fast, active oestrus due to minimum negative energy balance

More fat and protein

  • Higher and more efficient milk production due to increase DM intake and a more effective rumen

Bio Chlor penswerking PNG

Green: without Bio-Chlor     Blue: with Bio-Chlor


TheTransitionCompany Dry period concept

One ration for all dry cows till calving

  • TMR ration
  • 1 ration for the entire dry period
  • No addition of concentrate
  • If necessary, adding water
  • Feed al least once a day
  • We make the ration tailored for you

The ration consists of

  • Maize
  • Grass (optional)
  • Straw
  • Bio-Chlor
  • Raw materials
  • Minerals

Farmer van Nes (Netherlands)
"On the first day of the dry period, the new lactation starts"

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Direct energy for fresh cows

GluNergy is a rumen protected glucose which will be released at gut level, where it goes directly into the bloodstream. Once the glucose enters the udder, it will give fresh cows more energy for milk production and fertility.

  • 95% is absorbed in the gut
  • More energy
  • Higher milk production
  • More protein
  • Improved fertility

  Solutions GluNergy

Energy requirements vs. predicted intake

The graph below shows the difference between the energy requirements of the fresh cows and the actual energy intake. By adding GluNergy the energy shortage will be considerably lower.

 Energy requirements vs predicted intake EN

4,8 litres more

Practical trials have revealed that fresh cows (0-60 days) showed increased production of 4.8 litres milk per day in a 17-day period.

 Liters melk proef HH GluNergy EN

Adding GluNergy can improve the liver function, encourage the nutrient metabolism and supply glucose for lactose synthesis. This will boost milk production by 3-5 kg.

GluNergy tabel trial 3 5 kg meer melk

Better fertility

GluNergy delivers glucose that is necessary for regulation of hormones and improvement of oocyte quality. This will give a more desired ovulation and can contribute to an earlier in heat and faster gestation

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Mycotoxin de-activator

Mycotoxins are toxins that are produced by fungi. Fungi produce these toxins on the plants and also in the harvested feed. Ingestion of these toxins has a significant impact on health, milk yield and fertility.

Benefits of UltraSorb:

  • Minimises the effects of mycotoxins in ruminant feeds
  • Minimises the impact of mycotoxins on milk production
  • Maintains DM intakes during mycotoxin challenge
  • Manage reproductive performance problems associated with mycotoxins (e.g. embryo loss, returns to heat, conception rates)
  • Support the ruminant’s natural defences against mycotoxins
  • Reduces the risk of contamination of Aflatoxin M1 in milk

ultrasorb mode of action

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Activate the immune system

A calf needs a good start to life. Particularly in the first eight weeks of life when the immune system is not working optimally. This is caused by a decrease in the immunoglobulin levels, a slow immune system and vulnerable intestinal flora.


  • Reduces diarrhoea and lung problems
  • Encourages intestinal flora
  • Boosts the resistance
  • Reduces use of medication

Het (actieve) immuunsysteem is in de eerste 8 weken nog niet optimaal. Hierdoor ontstaat er een gat waarin het immuunsysteem verzwakt is. Het kalf is dan vatbaar en groeit niet goed. ImmuGuard zorgt dat het 'gat' minder wordt en dat de ontwikkeling van het kalf niet stagneert.

The (active) immune system is not optimal in the first 8 weeks. This creates a gap in which the immune system is weakened. The calf is susceptible and does not grow well. ImmuGuard minimizes the gap and prevent that the development of the calf does not stagnate.

Immunitygap EN


  • During the entire milk feeding period
  • 2 g / calf / day

Today's calf is tomorrow's dairy cow

Kalf in stro

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