VisscherHolland has been the professional extension of the agricultural industry for decades. VisscherHolland stands for satisfied farmers all around the world. How can we help you?

VisscherHolland, your forage specialist

For decades now, VisscherHolland has been a professional supplier to the agricultural sector. It achieves this by supplying a wide range of quality products, often from stock at hand. This balanced product range is the result of our extensive experience in and knowledge of the sector. In addition, VisscherHolland also provides solutions such as our ‘More milk per hectare’ concept. These and other innovative and sustainable solutions are developed in strategic partnerships with international laboratories.

We are committed to maintaining lasting relationships with our customers. Our role as consultant provides a solid foundation. We follow market developments closely and respond to them quickly and flexibly – and our customers reap the benefits.


Thanks to our long history, we have developed the capacity to hold large amounts of stock. You can count on flexibility and fast delivery. 


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