Animal health

Concentrates and forage may contain substances which have developed during crop growth or storage. These myco- and endotoxins always have a negative effect on animal performance. International research has shown that production can fall by 20 to 30% if these myco- and endotoxins are present. High levels of specific toxins can have serious negative effects, but low levels of several toxins in combination are also dangerous.   

To assess whether toxins are present and in what quantities, we offer MycoCheck. Concentrates and forage can be analysed by a certified laboratory. Fourteen toxins are analysed and a risk analysis can then be carried out.

UltraSorb can be used to bind harmful toxins.

The rumen is the dairy cow’s engine. It is very important for the rumen to function effectively. Live yeasts can be used to support the rumen. EFSA registered UltraCell removes oxygen from the rumen. This allows the bacteria which digest the fibre to reproduce. Registration trials have shown that this can result in a 2-4 litre increase in milk yield. UltraCell is the most recently registered live yeast in Europe.