Professional feeding

Good forage and a good ration are the foundations of a profitable dairy farm. This good forage starts with good grassland management and goes right through to correct silage management. Cows don’t like warm feed, so it's very important for the forage to be cool at feed-out. The feed-out rate is very important to prevent heating. A stable top layer is also essential when calculating the optimum ration. 


Cooldown is a combination of acids which prevent yeast development. It maintains a low pH so that moulds do not have a chance to develop. These yeasts and moulds make the forage heat up. Cooldown can also be used to keep the total mixed ration (TMR) cool. This increases the intake by dairy cows.

Dry period

The dry period is the most important time for dairy cows. During this period, the cow is rested so that the calf can develop optimally and the cow can prepare for the coming lactation. Many problems occur during and after the dry period, such as milk fever, placental disorders and displaced abomasum. Many of these problems are caused by insufficient forage intake during the dry period.

The Bio-Chlor concept ensures that dry cows consume plenty of feed during the dry period. Bio-Chlor comes from the USA where the concept has been used for 15 years with great success. In the USA, Bio-Chlor has already helped 2 million dairy cows through the dry period. For added convenience, an entire dry group can be treated with Bio-Chlor.