Forage technology

Forage is the heart of every dairy farm. Most of the ration consists of forage. Cows are ruminants and can produce milk from grass and maize. The quality of the forage they consume is crucial if the farm is to be profitable. VisscherHolland has many years of experience as a forage specialist and is committed to improving and maintaining the quality and quantity of forage.

Stretch film

Bales that are wrapped with the right stretch film and net wrap produce the best baled forage. Our MegaStretch 7-layer stretch wrap is the latest development and gives very stable forage fermentation. MegaStretch works very well at different external temperatures, from high to low. The adhesion between the layers is also excellent, allowing fermentation to start quickly and efficiently. Triowrap is a quality product which VisscherHolland has been selling in the Netherlands for 20 years. It has proven reliability and is manufactured on the latest multi-layer machines.

Optimum compaction

The density of a grass bale is extremely important. Optimum compaction can be achieved by using the right net wrap, mantle film or baler twine. VH-Net was developed to maintain the baling density after baling. The net covers the bale right up to the edge, allowing optimum wrapping. Vito baler twine is the quality benchmark in the Netherlands. Vito guarantees fast processing of all bales and allows the machine to work to full capacity.

Mantle film

Mantle film is a recent development. It is used instead of net wrap and promotes rapid grass conservation. For recycling, the advantage of mantle film is that it is made from the same raw material as the stretch wrap so they can be collected together.