Silage management

Silage making

Forage is the heart of every dairy farm. Most of the ration consists of forage. Cows are ruminants and can produce milk from grass and maize. The quality of the forage they consume is crucial if the farm is to be profitable. VisscherHolland has many years of experience as a forage specialist and is committed to improving and maintaining the quality and quantity of forage.

Plastic sheeting

Megaleen, MegaplastPower and MegaFlex are types of high-tech plastic sheeting with optimum properties based on the appropriate choice of raw materials. They are the best way of covering and protecting grass and maize silage. The recently developed MegaBarrier and MegaCombi are innovative products for fast, effective silage conservation which minimise the risk of heating.

Silage making: stability in the clamp

Silage management starts with the right maize development stage and crop height. The right dry matter percentage is also very important for effective conservation. If the DM content is between 30 and 38%, there is enough moisture present and the lactic acid bacteria can get to work quickly and efficiently. As a result, the pH drops quickly, creating stable silage and preserving the maximum amount of nutrients.

Silage additives

Advance silage additive with EFSA-registered lactic acid bacteria quickly reduces the pH. Recent research (2016) by Schothorst Feed Research has shown that 10% more forage remains when it is used. Advance also increases the protein content of the milk.