Vigorous seeds for excellent yields

For optimum crop quality and yields, the grass seed mix or maize variety you choose is extremely important. Intensive breeding work by national and international partners has resulted in some significant developments in recent years.

MegaSeeds and TopDairyMix

Our MegaSeeds and TopDairyMix are strong performers in the market. These are cutting-edge mixes as new grass varieties are developed and introduced every year. Their strengths include high yields, crown rust resistance, standing power, sugar content and digestibility, enabling us to create tasty and effective forage with high MJ NEL values.

Maize seeds

The VH maize seed selection contains selected varieties which always meet expectations, from extremely early species with high quality scores to varieties with high yields and the highest MJ NEL per hectare. But here too, agronomic characteristics such as standing power, susceptibility to lodging and leaf spot resistance are essential for a good crop.

MegaGreen recreation mixes

MegaGreen recreation mixes are used on sports fields, road verges, parks, public green spaces and lawns. The requirements vary widely, so MegaGreen is available in a different version for each application. The most widely used grass mixtures are MegaGreen Sport 7, MegaGreen Verge and MegaGreen Multiplay.

Our complete range also includes green manures: lucerne and clovers. Red and white clovers are increasingly being used as a natural method of nitrogen fixation. The clovers are coated with bacteria to stimulate initial development so that all the clover seeds sown can develop properly.