Hoof protection

Digital dermatitis (also known as Mortellaro’s disease or strawberry foot disease) of the hoof can have a serious impact on the cow's mobility. The cow is less able to walk to the feed fence, resulting in lower milk production.


Various aggressive products are available to kill the bacteria that cause digital dermatitis. However, this is only a temporary solution because it is difficult to eliminate digital dermatitis from a farm where it is prevalent. It is then a question of good management.

Hoof protection with Agron

Agron is an animal- and farmer-friendly product with an aggressive effect. Agron consists of sulphates and minerals which quickly adhere to the hoof, where they act directly on the digital dermatitis site and also form a protective layer on the hoof. This layer maintains the pH of the hoof at a natural level and the hoof does not harden.

Product concept

Agron Green can be used to treat the whole herd by means of a foot bath. Agron Green dissolves easily in water and quickly adheres to the hoof.
Agron Red is a liquid product which can be applied directly to the digital dermatitis site using a hand or backpack sprayer.

Cows spend a long time in the cubicles. The bacterium which causes digital dermatitis is also active here. Agron Blue can be used to create the right environment in the cubicles. This is a spreadable material for use in cubicles.

The Agron hoof protection concept helps reduce the digital dermatitis pressure to manageable levels in an animal- and farmer-friendly way.

Udder cleft dermatitis

It has been found in practice that Agron Red is also effective as a treatment for udder cleft dermatitis. When Agron Red is applied to the udder cleft dermatitis site, the odour quickly diminishes and the site then disappears.