Grass seeds

A smooth lawn, a rapidly regenerating sports field or road verge that needs less frequent cutting – all these are possible with recreation mixtures from VisscherHolland. If you are looking for new pasture mixtures, view our range of pasture mixtures here.


Ideal sowing depth for grass seed

The ideal sowing depth is different for each of these grasses. A good compromise is to sow at a depth of 1-2 cm. Consolidation is recommended. To achieve a dense sward in a single pass and give the germinating weed seeds less opportunity to develop, the recommended sowing rate is 20 kg per 1000 square metres. Consolidation brings the seed into closer contact with the loose topsoil and reduces the risk that newly-germinated plants will dry out. Under ideal conditions, perennial ryegrass will emerge after one week. The other species will emerge 1 or 2 weeks later.

Watering grassland

If the weather is dry for a long time after sowing, we recommend not waiting too long before starting irrigation and keeping the top layer wet. A single bout of irrigation with 20 mm of water can start germination, but it the weather stays dry and very sunny the sprouted seed may dry out and die. We therefore recommend applying 20 mm of water again after 3 days.

This is enough for perennial ryegrass but mixtures with a high red fescue content will often need repeated irrigation for good emergence.

Grass seeds for a soft, dense lawn

MegaGreen Multiplay, commonly known as Play Lawn, has a broad composition and provides the basis for a soft, dense lawn. It withstands regular use thanks to the wide range of species included.

Grass seeds for strong turf and fast regrowth

MegaGreen Sport 7 contains a perfect ratio of perennial ryegrass and smooth-stalked meadow grass, creating strong turf with good stability and fast regrowth. The perennial ryegrass content gets development off to a fast start. As a result, MegaGreen Sport 7 is highly suitable for overseeding sports fields.

Slow-growing and no need for fertiliser

MegaGreen Verge is a mixture containing grasses such as hard fescue and red fescue which grow very slowly and do not need any fertiliser. The grass mixture forms a dense sward which offers excellent protection against erosion and is highly drought-resistant.

Other grass seeds are available in addition to these unique recreation mixtures:

  • MegaGreen Ornamental Lawn: for lawns which are not walked on regularly and need to look good, MegaGreen Ornamental Lawn is the ideal grass mixture. This mixture is also suitable for seeding shady lawns.
  • MegaGreen Park R1: this is an original R1 grass mixture which is suitable for seeding public green spaces. Park R1 is designed to be walked on during the summer and will regenerate well.
  • Flower-Rich Field Margin: A flower-rich grass mixture which is perfect for seeding roadside verges and field margins where a high level of diversity is desirable.

Flower mixture

MegaFlower is a highly varied flower mixture with more than 50 different flower species, including some perennials. Extra poppies, cornflowers and ox-eye daisies have been added to this mixture. The flowers grow to a height of 20 to 60 cm.