Mantle film

It is now possible to conserve forage in bales without using net wrap. Trio B.C. mantle film is a new product designed to guarantee simple, practical bale handling. Trio B.C. also reduces forage losses.
Forage bales wrapped with Trio B.C. mantle film have a significantly higher density and hold their shape better than bales wrapped with net wrap.


Mantle film manufactured with unique PreTech® technology

Trio B.C. mantle film is manufactured using the unique PreTech® technology. This technology is based on a unique production method which makes it possible to manufacture thinner films without compromising on quality. The strength and convenience of Trio B.C. make it easy to use in the field.

Benefits of Trio B.C. mantle film

Trio B.C. mantle film can be wrapped tighter round the bales, making them denser and more compact. As well as limiting conservation losses, Trio B.C. produces stable and compact forage bales which are easier to handle and transport. Trio B.C. also offers a number of important advantages during storage and feeding. The Trio B.C. and stretch wrap on the bales can be opened and removed in a single step. This means less work when opening the bale. Trio B.C. can be disposed of with the stretch wrap.

Mantle film causes less damage to the stretch wrap

If bales are wrapped with net, the net can freeze firmly onto the forage in severe frosts, causing extra work. These problems are now a thing of the past! Thanks to the material properties of Trio B.C., this is no longer the case. The Cover Edge feature allows an overlap of 2-3 cm, reducing the risk of damage to the stretch wrap when the bales are wrapped.

Trio B.C. also reduces the effects of damage caused by pests such as birds. Trio B.C. fits tightly, limiting air penetration and therefore mould formation in the bale.