VisscherHolland started out as a rope-maker in 1949. The Visscher company founded and expanded this business. Its experience and developments in the rope field are unrivalled. At one time all the ropes were made from sisal, but VisscherHolland was the first to sell artificial fibres in the Netherlands when the industry started producing them.


Baler twine

Baler twine is one of VisscherHolland's core products. From raw materials to tensile strength, we have the right baler twine for every machine as well as a huge amount of knowledge and expertise.

Sisal is a natural product was traditionally used to manufacture rope. Long sisal fibres are used to produce Sisal as they give a stronger, more uniform twine. Vito Sisal twine is mainly used to bind reeds and as baler twine in low-pressure balers.

Artificial fibre baler twine

Vito artificial fibre baler twine has made huge advances in the market in recent years. Its high tensile strength, uniform quality and excellent durability are important advantages over sisal baler twine. The raw material is polypropylene, a modern synthetic material which is used in countless products. An additional processing stage (fibrillation) produces a higher tensile strength. We have artificial fibre twine for smaller balers and specially-made artificial fibre twine for large round and square balers.

Baler twine with amazingly high tensile strength

Vito Cotesi One was developed for the biggest, new-generation balers. Cotesi One baler twine has amazingly high tensile strength, even at the knot. This holds even the biggest bales together well and the risk of breakage is very low. The twine is also very soft and runs smoothly through any baler.