Silage accessories

For straightforward silage making, VisscherHolland offers a range of silage accessories that are designed to make the job easier.

These labour-saving products really lighten the load when covering the clamp, allowing you to focus on what’s important – sealing the clamp as tightly as possible.


EasyRoller – the effortless plastic sheeting holder

Install a jumbo roll of plastic sheeting simply with the EasyRoller. It can then be transported with a telehandler, forklift or front loader. The sheeting can also be pulled off the EasyRoller quickly and laid directly on the silage. This applies to the barrier film and the plastic sheeting.

Secure the clamp with EasyLock and EasyTube

Securing the clamp is child's play with EasyLock and EasyTube. The EasyLock tension straps exert additional pressure on the clamp, ensuring that it is sealed and no oxygen can enter. An added extra to improve your forage conservation.

EasyTube, the water pipe that increases the pressure

The EasyTube is a filled water pipe which can be laid along the edges of the clamp. No need to shovel sand to secure the clamp – just fill the pipe with water. This gives it enough weight to hold the plastic sheeting firmly in place.