Protection nets

Protection nets protect the clamp from external influences such as birds, rats, hail, branches, etc. Meganyl protection nets are so strong that it is almost impossible for any of these to penetrate into the forage in the clamp. This maintains the quality of the forage and prevents damage to the plastic sheeting covering the clamp.


Protection nets which last for years

Meganyl protection nets are also heavier, adding weight to the clamp and stabilising the plastic sheeting. They are manufactured using only our first choice of raw material: HDPE with no recycled materials. This provides the right strength, weight and UV stability. Meganyl protection nets can last for many years.

Loops on the protection net for tie-down straps

Our protection nets also have loops to hold a tie-down strap. The nets, and therefore the clamp, can be secured and the wind cannot blow under the nets.

Meganyl protection nets are easy to handle and can also be used to protect bales of grass and straw.