Silage additives

ADVANCE silage additive delivers added value even in ideal situations: more dry matter in the silage and a positive effect on protein utilisation. This has been demonstrated in research carried out by the animal feed research institute Schothorst Feed Research.


More dry matter in the silage with ADVANCE silage additive

This research was the first large-scale scientific study in modern Dutch conditions. The Schothorst institute created two clamps using the same cut of spring grass. ADVANCE silage additive from VisscherHolland was used in one clamp and no additive was used in the other. The clamps were created using perfect grass: first cut from young, level grassland. The weather was ideal, with more than 12 hours of sunshine on average every day during the week before mowing. The grass was chopped and ensiled 24 hours after mowing, without turning.

Lower losses with silage additive

When they were ensiled, both clamps had the same nutritional value and the same dry matter content. The analysis carried out 8 weeks after ensiling showed that the untreated silage contained 313 g/kg dry matter, while the dry matter content in the clamp with the silage additive was 345 g/kg – a difference of 32 g, or 10 per cent. This large difference in dry matter content shows that the clamp with the silage additive stabilised more quickly and therefore suffered lower conservation losses. The higher sugar content also indicates that the treated clamp stabilised more quickly.

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