Dosing equipment

Silage additives must be added to the forage properly. The DSG dosing pump, Mantis ULV and DSG 85 granule spreader make this possible. This dosing equipment is robust and easy to use and operate. The silage additive is optimally distributed throughout the forage in the clamp and the risk of heating is significantly reduced.


Dosing pump for a loader wagon or baler

The DSG dosing pump is perfect for use on a loader wagon or baler. Thanks to its simple design, this dosing pump can be installed on any loader wagon or baler. It has an integrated pick-up function, or the pick-up can be operated separately. All this is possible with the DSG dosing pump.

Accurate measurement with the DSG dosing pump

The digital controller on the DSG dosing pump allows very accurate measurement. You can see exactly how many litres per hour are being applied, as well as the total applied over a whole day. Or you can specify the maximum number of litres to be applied, for example on a mixer wagon.

Accurate dosing guarantees optimum forage conservation and prevents heating in the clamp.

Dosing pump for a forage harvester

The Mantis ULV has been specially developed for use on forage harvesters. It can be used on any forage harvester by means of various adapters. The Mantis ULV system is also simple, without complicated functions.

Granule spreader

The DSG 85 granule spreader is perfect if you prefer to apply a silage additive in granule form. Its large capacity allows large quantities of granules to be applied at once and reduces the need to refill. Thanks to the analogue control panel, it is easy to set the amount of silage additive applied. It's child’s play! The DSG 85 is also suitable for any loader wagon.

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