Mycotoxin binders

Mycotoxins have a negative impact on animal health and animal performance. Animal species vary greatly in terms of their susceptibility and sensitivity to mycotoxins.



Mycotoxins are produced by fungi. Mycotoxigenic fungi grow within a broad temperature range. Important risk factors for mycotoxin formation in the feed production chain are:

  • Temperature (e.g. silage heating) 
  • Moisture content (water activity)
  • Weather conditions
  • Soil cultivation
  • Crop rotation
  • Choice of variety
  • Harvest stage

Mycotoxins have a significant impact on health

Cows ingest the mycotoxins. These toxins have a significant impact on health, milk yield and fertility. If the mycotoxins are bound inside the cow’s body, the cow will excrete them in the faeces. The cows no longer have the toxins in the system and their performance will not decline.

UltraSorb mycotoxin binder

UltraSorb binds mycotoxins. UltraSorb is more than just clay minerals. The bioactive ingredients in UltraSorb bind, transform and neutralise the mycotoxins very effectively. UltraSorb also contains a unique mixture of essential oils which protect against the negative effects of toxins and promote feed intake.