Net wrap

Good net wrap is essential

Good net wrap is essential for securing wrapped round bales effectively. It must be strong so that the bale does not deform as this allows too much oxygen to enter and causes heating within the bale.


Top-quality net wrap

VisscherHolland offers two types of top-quality net wrap – VH-Net and Maxicover. VH-Net and Maxicover do not differ in terms of quality but come in different roll dimensions, ensuring that VisscherHolland can supply a net wrap for every wrapping baler:


  • VH-Net 1.23 x 2600
  • VH-Net 1.23 x 3600


  • Maxicover 0.90 x 2000
  • Maxicover 1.05 x 2000
  • Maxicover 1.30 x 2000
  • Maxicover 1.30 x 3000

These net wraps hold your forage firmly in the bale. The bale also retains its shape when the stretch wrap is removed for feeding. This makes it easy to remove the net so that it does not end up in the forage distributed to the cows.

During baling, the net covers the edges of the bale, creating well-formed bales which are easy to transport. It also prevents hard pieces of forage from sticking through the edges.