Trio B.C. mantle film

Trio B.C. mantle film has been developed to replace net for bale wrapping. Net must be separated from the stretch film for recycling, is more difficult to cut off and can remain in the feed distributed to the cows. With Trio B.C. mantle film, this extra work is eliminated. It is easy to cut and can be recycled with the stretch wrap. What’s more, Trio B.C. mantle film provides an extra layer of film so less oxygen can penetrate into the silage.

As Trio B.C. mantle film is wider and more flexible than net, it provides extra protection for the edges of the bales.

Benefits of Trio B.C. mantle film

  • Can be recycled with the stretch wrap
  • Extra layers of film provide a better oxygen barrier
  • No waste residues in the feed
  • Bales can be unpacked faster
  • Bale is packed more neatly/strongly if no stretch wrap is used
  • Extra protection for the edges of the bale
  • Better conservation of your forage
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