The best response to heating and moulds

Cooldown is a very powerful fungicide which is ideal for use in mixed rations.

Cooldown for use in TMR

  • Inhibits heating in the ration
  • Increases feed intake
  • Increases milk production
  • Reduces feed residues

Cooldown for use at the silage face

  • Inhibits heating and mould formation at the silage face
  • Non-aggressive so suitable for direct use in a backpack sprayer

Cooldown for use on the top layer

  • Prevents mould formation in grass/maize
  • Inhibits heating in the top layer
  • Less risk of butyric acid/mycotoxins

Cooldown for use in silage

  • Perfectly designed for a high DM percentage >50%
  • Prevents mould formation
  • Less risk of mycotoxins

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