ADVANCE® Grass silage additive

More milk per hectare with ADVANCE Grass silage additive

It is becoming more and more important to generate maximum returns from your own forage, in terms of both quality and quantity. You want more milk from the same number of hectares of grass and maize. With ADVANCE silage additives you can increase the milk yield per hectare.

ADVANCE silage additive contains four components

  1. The stimulant causes the release of sugars in the clamp. This is the food supply for the lactic acid bacteria.
  2. The lactic acid bacteria quickly stabilise the silage and lower the pH. This reduces your silage losses
    • Pediococcus becomes active immediately
    • Lactobacillus plantarum completes the reduction in pH
  3. Enzymes make the silage more digestible and therefore improve its forage efficiency. Feeding trials have shown that cows produce more milk when ADVANCE is used. When the trial ended, it was clear that the milk yield would immediately drop by 1-2 litres.
  4. Lactobacillus brevis keeps your clamp stable and cold when it is opened. This acetic acid bacterium becomes active as soon as oxygen enters the clamp. It inhibits heating, so there is more usable crude protein.

Four key strengths of ADVANCE Silage enzymes

  1. 4% more grass/maize
  2. Inhibit heating
  3. Higher nutritional values
  4. Better forage efficiency due to the addition of enzymes

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