TopDairyMix Milk4u

A good first cut is worth its weight in gold!

  • The composition: 20% Maurizio, 20% Binario, 20% Kaiman, 20% Arelio and 20% coated timothy, variety Presto
  • DynaSeed coating is used for optimum germination and emergence.
  • Addition of timothy produces extra spring grass.
  • Option: add 5 kg red clover when sowing meadows.

All varieties of perennial ryegrass in TopDairyMix Milk and Milk4u are mid-season varieties and on mowing yield 500 kg dry matter/year more than the average for the late variety group.

Pack size – pasture mix

15 kg/bag

Recommended sowing rate for pasture mix

45 kg per hectare

Composition subject to availability

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