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More grass with less (artificial) fertiliser

The big challenge is to achieve the highest yield at harvest with efficient use of fertilisers. Tall fescue is unique in terms of rooting and fertiliser utilisation and red clover supplies nitrogen.

Composition of pasture mixture

  • 75% tall fescue: mainly soft-leafed.
  • 15% perennial ryegrass: for fast emergence and a supply of sugars ( for a successful silage-making process).
  • 10% red clover, coated with Rhizobium. This percentage of coated clover can supply 100 kg N/ha.
  • Tall fescue contains less sugar and more crude fibre than perennial ryegrass, creating a more stable rumen environment.

Cultivation tips for pasture mixture

  • Recommended sowing rate: 60 kg/ha until the end of September.
  • Mowing height: 7 cm. Cutting too low shortens the life of the grass.
  • Apply plenty of fertiliser in the spring and scale it back in early summer.

Composition subject to availability.

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